Our team

Your best partner for optimising finances

Achilles – Your best partner for optimising finances

When starting the company Achilles,we set our goal: we will never be satisfied with mediocrity, but will constantly strive to go the extra mile. Our efforts, enthusiasm, and dedication have paid off, as we are trusted by more and more satisfied clients that maintain financial stability and liquidity with our help.

We take action immediately

When faced with financial problems, we must take action immediately, as each new day brings additional burdens. Our goal is to provide successful and carefree operations for companies, while we take care of everything else. We will remit the agreed upon amounts of all assigned claims within 2 days of preparing of the required documentation to your bank account.

We are your partner and your right hand man

All our services and approaches are tailored to individual client’s needs, as we considers the business relationship a mutual partnership and do everything in our power to find the most favourable and effective solutions for you. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being proactive and, in addition to rendering services, provide counselling, answer your questions, and help with any potential dilemmas.


The team

Nejc Apšner
An entrepreneur and financial expert with many years of experience, who realised during his studies that he will need experiences, in addition to his degree, to be successful in the business world, thus started working as a student and landed in the world of finance. Entrepreneurship is his hobby as well as his work, so he does not need special motivation, as he gains the most energy by the work itself and the satisfied clients.
Aleksander Zečević
An entrepreneur and financial manager who sets clear goals for himself and believes that the key to success is good business relations and a long-term partnership. Together with the team he constantly strives to improve the quality of the services. He is dedicated to the work, never finding it hard, as it constantly provides new challenges and satisfaction.
Jure Čonč
An experienced entrepreneur who considers the needs of the clients as foremost, and believes that the key to success is excellent recommendations, which must always be earned. He invests all his energy and much of his free time into his enjoyable work, and strives to do his best at all times.