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Why can I not recover what belongs to me on my own?

It is a fact that anyone can recover a debt owed, but not everyone is equally psychologically-versed in this “art”, nor does everyone have the time, will, and the nerves to handle such an undertaking. Furthermore, time and expenses related to managing the written and verbal correspondence, including the constant notifications of the obligor, must be taken into account. The advantages of professional companies, dealing with debt collections, are their persistence and systematic approach, while also being hardened by their many years of experience, as well as knowledge of the optimal way to the desired goal.

Can the company handling claims insurance guarantee repayment of claims?

No, no-one can give a 100% repayment of claims guarantee, as this is a long procedure involving numerous unforeseeable human factors. From the start you should be careful when selecting a good partner that handles debt collections. Pay attention to all “pig in a poke” promises and stay wary of those “experts” that are with a straight face promising a full debt collection every time.

How long does the repayment of overdue claims by the obligor take?

The repayment of claims depends on multiple factors and can last from 24 hours to a few months, or even longer in the event of a judicial enforcement. Experiences in this area have shown that the injured party receives repayment of claims within 3 months, on average.

I would prefer to occupy myself with my business activity than the recovery of claims. Does your company purchase overdue claims, and what is your fee?

Company Achilles d.o.o. has a vast experience in the area of sales of overdue claims. You submit the list of claims for sale, on the basis of which we will prepare an offer most favourable for you.

We will provide a fast sale of an overdue claim and immediate remittance. The fee is determined on a case-by-case basis, as it depends on numerous factors.

Can I count on your help even when the obligor is in the process of liquidation or in bankruptcy proceedings?

In the event of bankruptcy proceedings, compulsory composition, or company’s liquidation, special rules are in effect regarding the claims collection procedures from the obligor, as the entire procedure must be closely followed and legal help obtained at the right time, in addition to submitting the claim in the bankruptcy procedure.

How long before your company settles a purchased claim?

Our company reviews the claims and then forms a specific offer. When concluding the agreement we prepare appropriate contract regarding the sale of claims, attachments, and notifications on transfer of claim for the obligors. Our company adheres to the contract and settles the agreedupon amount within three days or on the specified date.
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